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It is such an honor to meet a reputable company that is widely acclaimed for its expertise in rental service industry as 'the first, the biggest, and the best rental company in Korea'.

From inception, Korean Rental company has been providing rental service to meet consumer demands in a timely manner. We maximize client's values by providing variety of opportunities at a reasonable price to enable clients to cope with the rapid change in technology and products. Nationally, we are initiating green management that is environmental friendly by maximizing efficiency of services and value in use by recycling vast amount of resources.

Brand + Know-how

Our company will always challenge to maximize client's values based on two decades of brand experiences and know-how approach to the consumers. To optimize rental service program, our company will make a consistent effort by continuing R&D activity, establishing effective physical distribution service, and initiating product research development, as well as establishing corporations overseas, such as in China. We hope your business will prosper and expand. Korean Rental Company will do its best to become a life-long partner and supporter for your future endeavors. Thank you, Sincerely.

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